RV News: Freedom RV Supports Our Community

We love people. We love connection. We love donating.


Freedom RV Supports Our Community


Our Motto: Make new friends and make our new friends a GREAT deal!

In our newest RV news, this is what we want you to know!

We as an RV company want to make sure that we are known as a company that cares, because caring is important to us. We love community and getting to know people, and we love donating to our community and to the people we get to know!

Our hope as the Freedom RV Team is that our charitable donations help improve society in a way that matters. Because we run our own business, we are able to give generously to organizations and charitable causes that matter to YOU, because you’re our community! We actively support our community by making donations to local charities.

It’s our goal to make new friends, and make our new friends a great deal to us. We are hoping that our donations to the community give us opportunities to make these new friends. We love doing business with local charities we donate to, because we find it brings us closer and creates even more potential to love what matters!

We donate to local charities and organizations such as the American Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Humane Society. If you’re interested in our full list of charities and organizations, please contact us today. Like we’ve said numerous times, we love making new friends! Or, if you’re interested in donating yourself, we would be able to help you with that. Please stop by and ask all of your questions today!

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