What to Pack in Your RV this Winter

Winter RV travel is often more demanding than hitting the road in the summer months. Travelers need to take extra precautions to stay safe on undesirable road conditions and keep cozy on cold winter nights. The following winter RV supplies … Continued

Tiffin Brands: 6 Luxury Motorhomes

Tiffin Brands

We have a full line of Tiffin Brands for sale here at Freedom RV, so you can find the perfect motorhome to fit your travel needs. Each of the six luxury models available will all come with their own special … Continued

Check Out Our Newmar Brands!

Newmar Brands

We, here at Freedom RV, are proud to be a Newmar Brands dealer! These motorhomes are known for their style and luxury, and we carry many types to ensure that you get the exact option you want. Take a look … Continued

Useful Travel Tips for First Time RVers

There’s no better place to learn about RV living than from travelers who have lived life on the road. And these must-have tips have been compiled by some of the most experienced RV travelers in the country. So next time … Continued

Eating Healthy on the Road

Some people use camping as an excuse to eat whatever they want, but others may be on a restricted diet and need to plan healthy meals. While you are camping, you can still prepare healthy meals – and some meals … Continued

Celebrating Halloween in Your RV

RV travelers don’t have to miss out on the best holiday celebrations. In fact, most holidays are even more enjoyable when spent in an RV. Halloween is one of the top holidays to enjoy on the road, because many campgrounds … Continued